New $1 and $2 coins to be released April 2012

Apr 05, 2012

All Magikist coin acceptors shipped since mid February 2012 are equipped to recognize the new $1 and $2 Canadian coins. When either the Cdn-$1 or the Cdn-$2 preprogrammed coins are enabled, the coin acceptor will accept both old and new versions of these coins. For model CP900 coin acceptors prior to this, a field programmer will be available shortly that will allow these coin acceptor to be reprogrammed on site. An update for older model coin acceptors such as the CP690 and CP650 is available when the coin acceptor is returned to us . As an alternative, the new $ 1 and $2 coins can be programmed as tokens either on a temporary or a permanent basis. If you have any further questions regarding the changes to the $1 and $2 coins, please contact us.



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