For over 50 years Magikist has manufactured high pressure cleaning equipment for industrial, agricultural and car wash applications in North America and internationally. During this time we have greatly expanded our catalog of items while continuing to improve and perfect our product line to not only meet but to exceed customer expectations.

We are dedicated to making tough, long-lasting products. Our manufacturing processes provide superior quality and allow for improved serviceability.

We believe in continuous improvement and learning. Through product testing and direct customer contact with our engineering & design staff, we are continuously making product improvements and learning about how to make our products the best in the industry.

We are committed to implement changes to lessen our environmental impact. These include a reduction in packaging and using sustainable and recyclable materials, maximizing recycling within our facility, and transition to EV and hybrid vehicles. Shortly our new facility will provide a superior building envelope and LED lighting for reduced energy consumption. Further environmental initiatives are forthcoming.

Our 50+ years of experience has provided us with a wealth of experience and knowledge which we will utilize to assist you in finding the right products for all your high pressure cleaning needs.