Hot Water Heaters

Instantaneous high pressure hot water heaters are ideal for high pressure washing applications. By heating the water after the high pressure pump, the maximum desired water temperature can be reached without any concern of damaging the pump due to excessive heat. In addition instantaneous heaters only heat the water on demand as opposed to storage tank heaters.

The HWG40 and HWG20 gas heaters offers 395,000 and 200,000 BTU of heat respectively in both natural gas and propane configurations. Both heaters incorporate stainless steel shells with steel coils rated up to 3000 psi. Stainless steel coils are available. Exclusive to the HWG40 and HWG20 heaters is the ProSafe control. The ProSafeI heater control utilizes microcontroller technology to provide visual status of heater operation and self-diagnostics through its panel display. In addition it provides overheat lockout protection, coil freeze warning, automatic vent damper control, and power venter control. Both heaters are available as intermittent pilot, 24v standing pilot, or millivolt standing pilot.

The HWOB oil fired heaters offer either 455,000 or 315,000 BTU of heat in 12 vdc, 120 vac, or 240 vac configurations. Stainless steel shell with steel coils rated up to 3000 psi. Electronic temperature control are standard.